Apollo Wales Laundry Collection and Delivery

Ready to feel amazing in your clothes?

Pickup and delivery for your dry cleaning & laundry

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Apollo Wales Laundry Collection and Delivery


You Separate your Laundry, Get in Touch with us and we’ll send one of the Team to collect everything. We’ll weigh your Laundry in front of you and immediately tell you the price.

Cardiff Laundry Delivery


Your clothing is expertly cleaned by our Professionals according to their care labels.

Apollo Wales Laundry Collection and Delivery


We’ll return your Laundry within 3 days. If you choose our next-day service, it’ll be back the very next day.

Apollo Wales Laundry Collection and Delivery


Item / Weight Collect & Deliver
2.75kg - e.g. 2 Towels, 7 T-Shirts £10.00
4kg Clothing £11.50
8kg Clothing £13.50
4kg Bedsheets / Towels Usually 1 Double Bed, 2 Towel £12.50
8kg - Bedsheets / Towels Usually 1 King, 1 Single, 3 Towel £15.50
Ironing 4kg Clothing £9.00
Ironing 8kg Clothing £13.50
Ironing 4kg Bedding £12.00
Ironing 8kg Bedding £19.00

All washing is Washed, Dried and Folded
You should ensure your clothing is separated into the correct colours before handover
Fabric softener is Hypoallergenic, Premium Grade

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We’ve kept homes clean and dust free for almost a decade. Laundry has been a big part of that entire process and by bringing laundry out of the home and into a dedicated Laundry Centre; we can offer our Clients the best possible solution.

We have a team of ironing pro’s as well as a dedicated team of Cyclists and Delivery drivers keen to keep your cupboards filled with fresh bedding and clothing.

Cardiff Laundry Collection and Delivery


We’re a Laundry Company with a difference.

Time is short, why spend it watching your washing machine or taking your laundry to be cleaned.

Instead, we’ll send a Driver or Cyclist (depending on weight) to collect, launder and return each of your delicates by our Team of Pro Washers.

Our Laundry centres use the latest in washing gizmo’s and always use Hypoallergenic products to give the best possible result for your delicates.

Prefer your own fabric softener? Just drop it in the bag after its been weighed!

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    The bedding wasn’t being cleaned properly with the ‘at home’ service so having it collected and delivered works so well for us. If we’re not at home, the driver has our key to put it inside and the Housekeeper puts it straight on the bed.

    - LMM 2018

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    The 24 hour turnaround was vital for our Company. We use this service at least four times a week and I can honestly say that we’ve never had even the smallest of issues.

    - BW 2018

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    It’s so random but you supplying and laundering our tea towels and hand towels has saved us a small fortune. We’ve thrown out the washing machine and don’t use the paper towels at all. On average I’d say we’re saving around £120-£190 per month.

    - LC 2018


Apollo Wales Laundry Centre
No. 16 Violet Row
Roath, Cardiff
CF24 4NJ

Apollo Wales Laundry Collection and Delivery

02920 100 004

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